News regarding rent relief in Madrid 

Next April 11 the income tax return campaign begins. At the national level there are no major changes, but in many autonomous communities there are, such as in the capital. Today we focus on the news when deducting rent in Madrid for 2023 . Attentive! Rent your apartment in Madrid and forget about worries!! Stopping collecting rent is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE New measures for rent deduction in Madrid In November 2022, the Community of Madrid approved a bill that introduced a series of new rental deductions in the I RPF . These are measures proposed by the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and that, according to the organization’s calculations, could benefit nearly 700,000 Madrid taxpayers . The battery of deductions continues in the course of its parliamentary processing . However, it is expected that, if approved, it will be in time for the 2023 income tax return, which corresponds to the 2022 personal income tax. Deduct rent taxes in Madrid: how to do it Breakdown of the new rental deductions in Madrid But what do the new deductions presented include ? The new proposed tax savings include different costs, although only one of them refers to rent.

Who can get rent relief in Madrid?

When asked if rent can be deducted in Madrid , it is known that the answer is affirmative. But it doesn’t end there, as there are requirements that reduce the number of people who can access the deductions offered by the capital. Requirements for owners Owners must Laos WhatsApp Number Data meet specific characteristics to deduct tax on their rental property . If the tenant is a self-employed person who uses the home itself as a work area. Requirements for tenants As a tenant, to access rental assistance you will need to have the following: Residing in the Community of Madrid . Be under 35 years old (before December 31 of the year prior to the declaration). Your income does not exceed 25,620 euros per year individually or 36,200 euros if you are joint. The sum of the tax bases of the members of the family unit does not exceed 60,000 euros . Your annual rental expense must exceed 20% of your tax base.

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How does the rent deduction work in Madrid in 2023?

Knowing how to deduct rent in Madrid can be complex. To make your search easier, below we indicate the steps you must follow , whether you are a landlord or tenant. If you are an owner Owners who want to rent an apartment in Madrid must file their income tax return in the following way: Access Cambodia WhatsApp Number List  the draft of your income tax return at the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency. Enter Section C of Real Estate and attach all the tax information for the rented home. Add the full amount you earn from rent throughout the year . Deduct the expenses you can by checking their boxes. Add the 60% reduction to final expenses. Add the final income from the income to add them to the general personal income tax base. If you are a tenant However, as a tenant , the process will be different: Access the draft of the income tax return at the Electronic Headquarters of the Tax Agency. Enter the “Regional deductions” section and add the information requested, both yours and the owner of the property.

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