Mixed mortgages: the best option after

The Euribor does not step on the brakes. After the rate increase announced by the ECB, the reference index figure already crosses the 3% barrier , a fact that has not been repeated since 2008. Given the fear that the increase will continue, mixed mortgages are once again attracting attention of many clients. Therefore, today we analyze whether this type of mortgage loan is the best. Find the best mixed mortgage for you We negotiate your mixed type mortgage between more than 20 banks.Possibility of choosing how long you will be paying fixed interest and how long variable interest. Like every type of loan, the mixed mortgage compensates its advantages with some disadvantages . They are the following: The interest rate cannot be decided, being the fixed one first and then the variable one. If the Euribor increases during variable interest, you could pay more money than expected.

Is a mixed mortgage better than a fixed or varia

The current situation in the real estate and financial market invites you to apply for a mixed mortgage now more than ever . The main reason is that, given the rise in ECB and Euribor rates, fixed mortgages have increased their prices, in some cases exceeding the amounts of mixed mortgages. In other words, mixed mortgages in 2022 regain their attractiveness. Even so, if you are still Korea Telegram Number Data considering applying for a fixed or variable mortgage, we will discuss some of the main characteristics of both. Properties of a fixed mortgage As its name indicates, the fixed mortgage has a fixed interest rate. Allows better management of finances. It offers stability and peace of mind. Repayment periods vary between 20 and 25 years, with installments that may be higher.

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Mixed mortgages in 2022, a good option?

Taking into account the current situation, the mixed mortgage is positione as one of the most competitive options on the market . With the Euribor on an upward trend and a forecast marked by new increases in the Thailand Telegram Number List ECB’s interest rates, this loan is more worthwhile seeing that fixed mortgages increase in price and variable mortgages suffer with the Euribor . That said, the best mixed mortgages in 2022 promise very valuable conditions . Below we mention some of the most important ones: It is ideal if you want to protect yourself from Euribor increases in the future, thanks to its lower initial interest than many fixed mortgages. It is convenient if you have saving capacity and want to advance the debt, shortening the payment period and spending less time on the Euribor.

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