Measure Take EEAT measures

Many users browse on mobile devices , so taking into account the convenience of mobile users will increase the evaluation from users. Reference Reiwa 4 Communication Usage Trend Survey Points | Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications The items to check are as follows. [Example of items to check for mobile usability] Are the text and image sizes optimal? Your page loading slowly? Is the origin of the main information on the page present in the first view? Is the amount of advertisements displayed too large compared to the amount of information on the page? However, the above improvement measures do not directly contribute to SEO. However, it is important to take measures to avoid violating Google’s philosophy of “User First.”

Scope of influence of your own site

First, check to see which parts of your website are affected. This is because the countermeasures Phone Number List differ depending on whether the core update affects the entire site or individual pages. Specifically, use Google Analytics 4 to check the numbers for about two weeks before and after the core update. Let ‘s create a page list using the search report and look at the rate of change in the number of sessions . By numerically checking the degree of impact on each page, you can prioritize improvements. If you do not know how to use Google Analytics 4, please use the following materials.

Keyword search ranking status

Once you have identified the page that has fallen in Google Analytics 4, check Which keywords caused the decline in Australia Phone Number ranking? Basically, you can also check using tools such as search ranking check. However, we recommend using Google Search Console to check for pages with high priority . This is because there are cases where the rankings have dropped due to keywords that have not been registered, and there are cases where there is no problem with the number of clicks even if the ranking drop is large. Analyze which keywords are getting fewer clicks before and after the core update for each target page.

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