Is it still useful to create a blog Look at

Not much, because to be honest, the desire is not much with everything that is happening to us. I am incapable of seeing people die and looking to. The side as if nothing had happened and thinking about myself and my projects. Or worse yet, I am incapable of taking advantage of this misfortune. To try to make monetary profit by trying to. create a blog launch some paid course, consulting or something. Similar that “will help many people benefit from this coronavirus crisis.” I think that if someone was thinking about releasing. Is it still useful something Premium before this crisis, they have every right to release it.

Now that suddenly there Is it still

Are so many courses coming out every day and relating them to this problem does not seem right to me . It seems unethical to me, but everyone should think for themselves. Everyone has the right to do what they company data want with their project. Thats the reality! For me, I feel like writing to disconnect a little from all this . Not to position, not for anything. Just forgetting about this a little bit. I am not going to talk about how to “take advantage of this opportunity” to be better professionals. Nor give you advice on what you can do day by day to overcome isolation. I think suddenly everyone is writing about it. How we have to act. What to do to come out stronger.

But in the end instead of helping

I think we are only sending others to do things that they may not feel like doing right now. Or as marketers and bloggers always do, we give so much advice on things that can be done, that there comes a time when we begin to infoxicate others with so much information Phone Number BL and advice. And some may have considered trying some of the strategies we recommend, but as the days go by and so much information to assimilate they end up collapsing and give up (before starting).

So, in this post I don’t want to give advice or tell you that you can take advantage of these days to launch anything, because perhaps you are not in that phase. Maybe you just want all this to pass, and go back to your usual job, without further ado. My objective for this post is to make you reflect on something that in the future can help you in some way to not be ONLY aware of the income from your job.

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