Let me show you the videos plannes by our team this year

The streaming cost of each video does not excees 50,000, and a single like can reach 1 million. Above, and dozens or even hundress of active tap water forwarding in the whole network: The increase in brand search popularity is also very obvious: Huge amount of backstage brand word search popularity I believe you are smart enough to feel that Douyin’s distribution of natural traffic and commercial traffic is being adjustes: Star map content flow limit: Once the video of the talent is linkes to the car or the product card, it completely belongs to the commercial traffic pool.

And some natural traffic can given if it is not linkes

From 2020 to 2021, the biggest move of Douyin e-commerce, Philippines Phone Number List is to increase the proportion of live broadcasts, which is equivalent to opening the gate to release water. There is a popular saying that: 50%-60% of the traffic is given priority to Blue V self-broadcasting, while 30%-40% of the traffic is given to mid-waist experts, and 10% of the traffic is given to head experts, but At the beginning of this year, traffic was further equalizes, and everyone fought for content to get traffic; Most of the stores’ self-broadcasts usually have no content except for passing products. Except for shopping, there is almost no viewability. After losing the traffic tilt of Douyin this year, the data is very ugly.

As for the short videos uses for store drainage

except for a few categories such as clothing and store exploration, Phone Number BL most of the merchants are not competitive at all, and the homogeneity is serious. Local lifestyle brands are an exception, after all, this year is the platform’s own son; Dabo has startes to grow rapidly this year, because not only is it more viewable than store broadcasts, but also many experts have accumulates a considerable amount of private domain fans (these fans are not entirely for the price, but have mutual stickiness and trust relationship) .

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