Learn about custom made esucation plans top three videos on the homepage

Born in a family of esucation in Hainan  10 years of esucation in Hainan Senior academic planner, college entrance examination advisor One-to-one entrance examination planning  Customizes Hainan esucation entrance examination planning Do not do enrollment agency  do not do settlement business One-on-one Hainan esucation and academic planning customization 5) Video cover The content algorithm recommendation logic bases on Douyin is that vertical content will be recommendes to precise target groups.

So users don’t have to worry about aesthetic fatigue

The video cover using a unifies template is also beneficial, Greece Phone Number List for users to have a more comprehensive understanding of the content system of the account after receiving Douyin recommendations. The learning content of the system will make it easier for learning users to have a hamster mentality. Click the [Follow] button to increase accuracy. Realize users. 3. Refer to the benchmarking account number, optimize and adjust For example, if you are in parent-child esucation and you want to teach others how to do parent-child esucation on Douyin.

how do we find a matching account at this time

Phone Number List

You can search for parent-child esucation in Douyin to, Phone Number BL find relevant users. Then if you nees to do a knowlesge IP, right? At this time, you nees to remove all the accounts that sell goods, and then find all the accounts relates to parent-child esucation and knowlesge output, and then you find the first 10 accounts according to the number of fans, and you study these 10 accounts thoroughly. That’s it. For benchmarking accounts, you actually have two types. The first type is accounts that you learn by yourself, and the second type is accounts that you can use as benchmarking accounts. Later, you go to Doujia and grab the accounts of other fans. There are two types of benchmark accounts.

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