Latest negotiations on the Housing

It is about to fall, but the latest negotiations on key aspects are stalling the new Housing Law of 2023 , whose project was approved in 2022 and which, it seems, will have the green light around April of this year. If you are an owner and plan to rent an apartment. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. . The autonomous communities would be in charge of decreeing their stressed areas through a tool that the Ministry of Transport will soon create rental price is higher than the average and families have difficulties reconciling monthly income and the payment of rents . In this sense, ERC intends to ratify and protect the Catalan Rental Price Regulation Law , which has been in force in Catalonia since 2020 and which the Supreme Court annulled in mid-2022.

The “big fork”, in question in the new Housing Law

Another key aspect in the negotiation is the definition of the concept of “large holder.” According to current legislation, a large owner is one who owns 10 or more properties  or whose properties have a constructed  reducing this figure to 5 properties owned . Under the 2023 Housing Bill, a large landlord with legal personality  would suffer from limits on rental prices in “stressed” areas. For their part, large landlords Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data with physical personality would be exempt from this limit, although other measures would affect them. Big fork: How does Royal Decree-Law 6/2022 affect you? Owners could pay real estate commission The last of the measures under debate falls on the fees of real. For now, the Urban Leases Law (LAU) of  already establishes it is a legal entity. In the case of natural persons. Unidas Podemos now proposes prohibiting the tenant from paying the agency commission.

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Rent an apartment before the final Housing Law

The negotiation is slow, but it is progressing little by little. The Government is paying attention to all the details with the intention of “not harming supply” and, at the same time, not affecting small landowners. The political parties involved have given themselves a few days to present the final Denmark WhatsApp Number List text for a presentation the week of March 13.  Meanwhile, it is time to get a secure rental , which becomes an easier and more comfortable task with the emergence of online real estate agencies. At Housfy Rental , a real estate expert will assist you as the owner to maximize the profitability of your apartment , process the necessary procedures and resolve incidents with the tenant until they leave the apartment.

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