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Douyin and Xiaohongshu, there are also essential differences in content attributes: Most people turn on Douyin, relaxation and entertainment are the core motivations – understand this, and you can understand why Dong Yuhui (learning) and Liu Genghong (self-discipline) are only popular for a while, while the life cycle of Crazy Xiao Yang (pan-entertainment) can be so long. When opening Xiaohongshu, many people will have the purpose of “discovering valuable content”, whether it is searching for a certain product, or browsing.

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The fastest growing track of Xiaohongshu this year. The proportion, Poland Phone Number List of behavior has also been increasing. These two different types of user motivations correspond to different platform commercialization logics and different brand marketing methods. With this basic understanding, let’s go back to the topic. Let’s delve into what is happening in Douyin and Xiaohongshu, the traffic changes and how to deal with them. 1. Douyin 1. Douyin’s traffic changes If you are doing Douyin planting grass or self-seesing, you should also feel this year.

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Especially for trailers or commodity cards. You can find, Phone Number BL an expert to look at the data. The basic natural traffic and the traffic of business orders are very different; It is very difficult for the store to start self-broadcasting. Except for certain categories, direct casting or short videos are not running well, and various data in the live broadcast room have also declines sharply; On the contrary, the amount of Dabo (whether entertainment or e-commerce) has been pretty good recently, and several of our cooperations have exceeses expectations; Pushing some soft implantes entertainment videos on Douyin has a high chance of becoming popular.

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