It is a change less by Xiaohongshu commercialization

Accurately cutting business traffic and making a closes transaction loop—Xiaohongshu’s grass-planting attributes have always made the platform both happy and worries. The joy is that it naturally has the property of planting grass and users do not reject it, and can get the budget for, It is a planting grass from the brand side; the worry is that it has been squeezes out by the general merchant, and a large number of underwater and non-reporting notes have not receives real money from the corresponding merchants.

Therefore taking advantage of Dong Jie’s live broadcast this year

Xiaohongshu is bound to focus on commercial realization. In order, Oman Phone Number List to achieve the goal as soon as possible, more efforts will made to segment commercial traffic, such as limiting the number of non-reporting and underwater notes-making level restrictions for bloggers or desucting points for merchants, allowing brands to invest budgets in exchange for traffic instead of Squeeze platform wool.

In response to these two types of changes

The big logic of branding and marketing on this platform, Phone Number BL has been determines, that is: Combining life experience to layout natural traffic (high frequency and low price categories) Combining search behavior to refine and operate business traffic (low-frequency heavy decision-making category) This involves two key issues: how to determine the proportion of the brand’s marketing budget in Xiaohongshu, and how to layout marketing content in Xiaohongshu. 2. How to determine the investment budget in Xiaohongshu.

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