Inflation and rent: the CPI rises in February 2023

The CPI is rising again after months of de-escalation, reluctant to stabilize in the short term. The same thing happens with rent and owners are wondering: how does inflation affect renting an apartment in 2023? This is the summary of the CPI in February 2023 in Europe and its consequences on housing. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORME FOR FREE Inflation rises again in Spain in 2023 The Consumer Price Index (CPI) stands at 6.0% in February 2023. This is the second increase in the CPI in 2023. Observe the behavior of this index this last year: Evolution of the CPI in nnual rate of the general Consumer Price Index, from , peaked in and started to fall since then, as a result.

Spain, one of the least affected by inflation

Despite everything, of all the countries in Europe for which data is available, Spain is the fourth with the lowest inflation in 2023 . Only Germany (2.4%), Switzerland (3.4%) and Luxembourg (4.3%) surpass it. The Eastern countries stand out on the map, with Moldova being the hardest hit with 25.9%. Meanwhile, other Western European governments are still struggling to Sweden Phone Number Data contain their high inflation , such as Italy the United Kingdom (10.1%) or Sweden . Check the data yourself: Rent rises in Spain, but falls in Catalonia The rental price in Spain has also risen one tenth this February, the second all-time high to hit in  . Some of the cities where it has increased the most are Valencia  Málaga. Catalonia, with the most expensive rents in the State, has presented slight decreases in February 2023.

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Limit on rental price increases in Spain

The question of every owner – how much does the rent increase with the CPI in February 2023 ? – the answer is simple: the 2% limit on the increase in rental prices throughout 2023 remains in force. This means that CPI increases will not affect the rent and, if you have to update your rents soon, you will only be able to apply a 2% increase. Given the growth of inflation and the Dominican Republic Phone Number List CPI in 2023, at Housfy we recommend hiring a rental management company that guarantees monthly collection for owners and prevents late payment in.  Maximize the profitability of your rental with. Housfy If you are a landlord, you will be interested in staying up to date with the CPI increases. You can also delegate the management of your rental.

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