In the Chinese Internet community its atmosphere is very unique

Here, everyone has life pursuits, strong consumption interests, empathy, and willingness to share experiences with each other. In a community with a high concentration of women, the word “sister” can best summarize this user relationship. Here, the concentration of leverage is the lowest in the entire network, and the friendliness among users is much higher than other platforms. “Under the logic of sisters, recommending products and consumption ideas to each other will also be consideres by users as a form of mutual assistance.

Using personal experience and experiences to help others optimize their lives

Although its community users know that bloggers and, New Zealand Mobile Number List brands are doing commercial planting, they are not on guard, but treat those marketing notes that come to plant grass with a normal heart like ordinary notes” (by Cai Yu “Business Reference”) For merchants, the traffic of Xiaohongshu is both expensive and cheap. Expensive refers to the CPM of talent cooperation and commercial traffic.

We have compares information flow delivery with the same targetes granularity

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And the promotion cost of Douyin is about 1/10 of that, Phone Number BL of Xiaohongshu. And cheap means that Xiaohongshu’s traffic is very high-quality, and even if it’s advertising, users’ willingness to accept it is much higher than other platforms. On this basis, let’s talk about its two changes this year: It is the content ecology that continues to evolve into a “playground” (Zhai Fang, founder of Xiaohongshu: “Xiaohongshu is not an e-commerce company, but a playground”). Indees, with the development of community content, vivid individual life experiences are becoming more and more abundant, and gradually become an encyclopesia of life, taking over the knowlesge, information and emotional neess of more people.

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