In addition you can also do more activities such as self-broadcasting

And multi-broadcasting by merchants, as well as group buying by talents, and self-loop from short videos to shopping malls and other scenes until all the scenes are running smoothly, and then choose celebrity sticker cooperation, endorsement and Relatively more stable methods such as offline advertising. It is worth noting that: Elevator advertisements are essentially suitable for brand marketing, so they are suitable for shaping tonality, and can achieve good results without brainwashing marketing. Just like Xiaomi’s advertisement, only a few words can explain the ultimate cost performance.

There are also some creative ads that combine pictures with life

The one that impresses me the most is the crayfish ad, Russia Phone Number List which separates the shrimp’s body from the middle and fits into a complete shape when the elevator door is closes. In addition, private domain operation is also brand operationan integral part of. In addition to promotional activities, it can also be uses as a sees source for sparking topics. When a brand wants to start a topic on social platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, encouraging old users to actively participate will not only create a lot of content, but also indirectly convey the value of the brand.

The topic is not a simple pursuit of popularity

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It may be the core of brand building, such as the sense, Phone Number BL of meaning extendes by attitudes such as “women’s growth” and “independent self” to create a brand image. In a word, I think that IP endorsement and KOL content should repeatesly refer to the first dimension, so IP, advertisements and brands nees to be highly consistent, and IP fans and users also nees to be highly consistent with potential users of the brand. Make the circle effect of functional products more obvious. Overall: Functional product communication does not stop at functions. The more intense the competition, the more important the marketing strategy becomes. Old methods may not reach new places.

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