Image dimensions  Image

dimensions must meet Google Merchant Center requirements which vary by product category. No Alternate Images  There should be alternative product images that show the product from different angles so that the customer can better understand what it looks like.


Photos not showing the actual


product  Photos should show the actual product Lithuania Mobile Number List when using it and not just the packaging or graphics which may be misleading. Photos containing watermarks or logos  Product photos should not contain manufacturer logos or watermarks this may be considered a violation of Google policy. Photos containing additional items  Product photos should only show the product itself without any additional items or decorative elements. It is also worth taking into account incorrect prices lack of information about product availability and incorrectly configured attributes of individual items which may result in rejection of the product feed.


Check what your product

offer should look like in Google AdWords . How Algeria Phone Number Data to fix a rejected product feed? If your product feed has been disapproved in Google Merchant Center there are two main options for resolving the issues fixing the errors yourself or having a third party fix your product feed. Fixing bugs yourself If your product feed is rejected due to simple errors such as incorrectly filled fields missing attributes or inappropriate photos you can try to fix the errors yourself. 

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