IBI in Madrid: who and how much is paid?

Whether you own a property or want to sell an apartment in Madrid , you should know the importance of the IBI in Madrid. This is one of the most important annual taxes and it is essential to keep up to date. At Housfy, we have a team of experts who can help you with the sale of your hom. Below, we explain the most important aspects about this tax. Sell ​​your apartment in Madrid and save on commissions Sell ​​in 60 days? When we talk about the IBI. In other words, it is a tax that everyone who owns property must pay. It is a municipal tax , therefore, the body responsible for its management is the city council of each municipality.

When is the IBI paid in Madrid?

As it is a municipal tax, the IBI payment perio in Madri may vary dedending on what each city council determines. In the case of Madri, the City Council charges the IBI automatically on January 1 of each year. Even so, this can be pai voluntarily betwee the perio from. In municipalities like Barcelona, ​​the IBI can be pai in various installments in quarterly payments. If the payment is make suddenly, the perio to make it is reduce to the months Canada WhatsApp Number Data of March to May. Keep in mine . You can obtain more information about how often the IBI is pai as well as an IBI calculator here How to pay the IBI in Madri? Despite being a local charge, the Real Estate Tax has two ways to pay it. On the one hand, you can request the city council of your municipality to automatically direct debit the payment . On the other hand, you can also do it via the internet, processing the payment through the virtual headquarters of your town hall. Madrid in particular allows both options. If you prefer to process it online.

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How is the IBI calculated in Madrid?

The question that is most frequently aske when we talk about this tax is how to knew the IBI of a home . In this case, the city council is always in charge of setting the amount of the IBI. However, there are alternatives that can help you calculate a real approximation of the amount so that you are not caught by surprise. The calculation of the IBI is determined by two values ​​define by the Government. Another way, and perhaps the simplest, is to Armenia WhatsApp Number List use the IBI calculators in Madrid. A smart and simple option that you will have available at any time, just one click away. Among the most common criteria we find the location of the property.

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