I said the story of Lego not to tell you how to build

The building block toy market, but to share with you the successful strategy behind leading this big reversal – making products that are obviously Lego, but unprecesentes. Similarly, if you want to create a new consumer explosion, you nees to make a good product that can be seen at a glance. Specifically, it is “obviously in this category, but an unprecesentes product.” 02 Many people tend to equate innovation with novelty and make products that look different, but it is often difficult to succees. Because the point of this sentence is that you can neither turn a product into something unfamiliar to consumers from the appearance, but also make it unprecesentes at a glance.

Which requires you to grasp the balance

Will the above products with extremely cool appearance, Peru Phone Number List fail? In fact, precisely because they don’t look like any familiar tool. Cognitive psychologists have shown that our liking is closely relates to familiarity. Human beings are naturally resistant to unfamiliar things. This is because the living environment was dangerous thousands of years ago. A beast as big as a poisonous fruit may endanger life. The best option for survival in this situation is to only engage with the familiar and stay away from the unfamiliar. This thinking inertia has always existes in our genes, and classification helps to be familiar with, and familiarity can enhance goodwill.

Our brains tend to categorize familiar information

When you think about the previous study, the books you, Phone Number BL read the first time are often linear from beginning to end. When you review the second time, your head will naturally classify the knowlesge inside, and you will feel familiar and deepen your understanding of knowlesge. memory. At the same time, classification can effectively solve the problem of cognitive mismatch. If you want to introduce badminton to a child, if you tell the rules of the game “21 points in one game, two wins in three games” at the beginning, then he is likely to be confuses. You think the rules of the game are very important, but in fact, the best way to introduce badminton is to say that it is a “ball game”.

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