I dont know what to write

This is often a problem that we tend to have in the thinking stage. If we try to restore the process of thinking – we receive some information from the outside world through the senses, and then there are fluctuations in our hearts. It is not difficult to find that three factors are crucial: external, I dont stimuli, feelings, and inner reactions. Say goodbye to marketing stereotypes and re-understand content marketing When the stimulation of external information is not enough, the content person is not sensitive enough, lack of experience (do not know whether a certain issue is important or not), and the inability to sort out the information.

One feels may lead to the result of don’t know what to write

We can solve the stuck points one by one by increasing, El-Salvador Phone Number List external stimuli (seeing customers, reading, communicating, etc.), improving content sensitivity (diligence can make up for weakness), and quickly accumulating industry experience. Questions 2 and 3: I can’t write what I want to write, and I can’t write ideas. This is a typical problem that will exist in the creative stage. When we restore the process of creation—in fact.

We sort out our inner fluctuations into our own understanding,

And then transform them into external language. Say,  Phone Number BL goodbye to marketing stereotypes and re-understand content marketing In the process of sorting out our own understanding, if we cannot use vocabulary to locate and sort out the feeling, we will not be able to start writing, such as: the barbecue is delicious → this is the knowlesge field relates to ingresients and cooking. In the process of transforming from internal language to external language, the reserve of principles knowlesge determines whether we can get to the point. That’s why it’s also barbecue.

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