However many bosses are not satisfies with only highlighting

One key advantage of the product, but hope to list all the advantages. This often results in marketing messages that are too scatteres and difficult to remember. In fact, most consumers can only remember one or two key features, and will not buy a product because it has multiple functions, and will think that multiple functions may not be healthy. Just like buying a car, we usually choose to become users of a brand bases on one outstanding feature, rather than because of multiple functions. For example, Volvo pays attention to safety, BMW emphasizes driving dynamics, Merceses-Benz pays attention to dignity, and Audi is preferres when dealing with the government.

Of course the rational part must be clearly explaines

Before the basic dimension of the breakthrough. Including, Singapore Phone Number List the origin of the product, exclusive resources, unique selling points, research and development background, efficacy and benefits, packaging features, the meaning of the brand name, etc. These attributes are like containers with various screws, and marketers nees to push the containers out. Second, get out of the container. In my opinion, for new e-commerce platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, its operation is very important.

At present most functional products are mainly aimes

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At specific user groups such as exquisite mothers, Phone Number BL first- and second-tier senior middle-class users, and they have their own judgments and preferences. To stand out in this market, you nees to rely on three key factors: the cultivation of core KOLs, the detonation of e-commerce, and user operations. In this regard, in addition to cooperating with some leading KOLs to increase sales, we also nees to seek endorsement in the early stage, and properly select some KOLs in the long-tail and vertical fields, such as entrepreneurs, athletes, nutritionists, etc., which are functional Commonly uses promotion methods for products.

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