How to qualify for mortgage help for young

The Government of Madrid signe an agreement with some banks in the country to carry out the My First Home program , which allows young people from the Community of Madrid to obtain a mortgage with up to 95% financing. In this article. Find the best mortgage How to qualify  without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE Help to get a young mortgage Today’s youth faces several generational problems: among them, the ability to save. For this reason, and because young people have much more life ahea. The My First Home program aims to help young people under 35 years of age who have financial solvency.

Requirements to obtain a young mortgage in Madrid

These are, in general, the requirements and conditions to obtain a youth mortgage in Madrid with the My First Home Taiwan Phone Number Data program: Be 35 years old or younger. Have had legal residence in the Community of Madrid during the previous two years. Buy a home in the Community of Madrid for a maximum of €390,000 (plus expenses and taxes). Be your first home to own in Spain. Use the property as a habitual residence for at least the following two years. Apart from that, you will have to adhere to the specific conditions of the bank you choose.

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Which banks offer youth mortgages in Madrid?

To take advantage of this new plan, you must contact directly the bank that offers it or a mortgage broker that will accompany you during the process. There are only three entities that have signed the aid agreement for a young mortgage in the Community of Madrid : CaixaBank , through Ecuador Phone Number List its imaginBank trademark. Banco Santander , among its fixed or variable rate offers. Ibercaja If you wish, you can consult our mortgage comparator to consider the existing options in the different banking entities in our country. How many mortgages can a person have? Find a young mortgage in Madrid Do you meet the requirements? If you are ready to choose the perfect mortgage for you, at Housfy Mortgages we can help.

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