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Selling an apartment is one of the procedures that generates the most doubts in the real estate sector. From the necessary documents to the signing of the purchase and sale contract, uncertainty is present. But, the most repeated issue is how much can you lower the price of a house? Keep reading to find out. Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past.  Although interest and speed are essential parts, there are some steps to follow to correctly negotiate the price. We list them below: Evaluate the floor and indicate the results. Carry out an appraisal of your home to have a detailed report justifying the sale price. Likewise, it will allow you to learn more about the context of the property market in your area. Highlight the strong points of your house. If you know how to highlight the most relevant parts of your apartment, such as a terrace, a garden or the views, you can increase the value by up to 10% or 20%. Develop a negotiation strategy. Whether it is establishing a fixed and inflexible price, or setting a higher price and then having room for discounts, it is important that you define a strategy that allows you to follow certain steps to sell successfully. How to calculate municipal capital gains easily

How much can the purchase price of an apartment be reduced?

The negotiation usually results in a reduction in housing of between 5% and a maximum of 10% of the total price. In Spain, the average is 9%, according to a study carried out by the appraisal and valuation company Euroval in 2022. Furthermore, this study compared the initial sale price of Indonesia Telegram Number Data more than 72,000 homes with the final price and deduced that the first value tended to exceed what the market indicates . Thus, the most significant reductions were found in the following municipalities: Vitoria-Gasteiz , with a reduction of -23%. Granada , with an average discount of -21%. And the areas where the price reduction is lower are: Terrassa , with an average of 0% discount. Mijas , with only -2%. Therefore, it is most likely that in the face of a negotiation and a counteroffer you will have to lower the price of the house . The causes could be related to both the property and the exterior. Below we review the most common ones.

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Reasons related to the property

The most common reasons related to the floor are the following: Square meters of the home.  Location of the property. Location is key, since an apartment will not have the same price if it is close to a means of transport or hospital as if it is far from means of transport or services. Home maintenance. If renovations or improvements need to be made, the potential buyer will most Kenya Telegram Number List likely ask you for a discount. Popular elements. Energy efficiency certificate. The lower the energy rating, the more the price of the house could be reduced. Reasons related to the exterior of the property There are also reasons external to the home: Real estate market situation. Supply and demand evolve and change day by day, so the market context is subject to more than constant changes. Tax reforms. VAT changes or tax reliefs implemented by the Government are out of the hands of buyers and sellers. Personal income tax home sale calculator: how much do I have to pay? What will happen to house prices in 2023? With the current financial context marked by inflation, negotiating the price of housing in 2023 will probably imply a reduction in sales values. With the rise in the Euribor and the increase in interest rates, the market will have to adjust to demand and prices will begin to fall.

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