Housing Law in 2023: myth or reality?

The agreement to approve the law definitively in the Congress of Deputies  already bee close. But what points does the new Housing Law of address? Discover them one by one, in our guide on the New Housing Law . Updated contents. Time is ticking and political parties cannot agree on the approval of the Housing Law in 2023. Its validation, crucial to improve rental protection and access to quality housing at a fair price , is close and at the same time very far. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORMED FOR FREE The importance of passing the Housing Law in 2023 Before the 28M elections . This is the deadline that the PSOE aspires to to approve the housing law.

Housing Law in 2023, a path with various obstacles

Due to its great importance in the current Spanish real estate panorama, marked by a general increase in rental prices, the approval of the Housing Law in  encountere Germany Phone Number Data multiple impediments . After all, we are talking about a law whose project  approve for the first time at the beginning. And that, today, remains entrenched and without a visible agreement on the near horizon. The situation that the law is going through is marked by the different disputes that occur between the political parties of the coalition government. Thus, PSOE and UP contribute their different visions on how the law should work at a table where there is no room for debate, much less an early agreement in sight.

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Rental prices and their limitation, the key piece

What are the most important parts and what points does the new housing law address ? The controversy surrounding the law and its regulation has as its main element the temporality of the rental price limit. With inflation that Austria Phone Number List marke all of 2022 and continues to be in the news in  , the update of rental prices limite to the already know 2% . At the time, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, proposed the creation of a regulatory index for rental prices . However, pending the approval of the law and the subsequent creation of the index, the government proposal is to establish a temporary limit of 3% during 2024 .

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