What do I need to invest in housing for

It’s been around forever, but now it’s making a splash. One form of real estate investment is to invest in housing for vacation rentals , very common along the coast in high season, as well as in mountain municipalities near ski resorts. But it is also the modality that is most controlle and each autonomous community sets its laws in this regard, so it may not be the most suitable for your case. Discover everything about vacation rentals in this article. Invest easily and safely Knowing finances to invest well is a thing of the past. What is considere a vacation rental? Doubts arise when comparing vacation rentals and temporary rentals , two different types of rentals that are governe by different regulations. The main characteristics lie in the duration, use and the law that applies to them: Duration . Vacation rentals usually happen for nights or  The temporary rental , therefore, ranges from days to 11 months .

Investing in housing: temporary or vacation rental?

So, you may wonder, which is more worth it: temporary or vacation rentals? To find out, you will have to weigh the various factors that determine an investment of this caliber . Estimate annual income and possible expenses . With which Denmark Phone Number Data modality do you think you will earn more? It is possible that, at the end of the year, you end up making the same every month. Measure your time . Vacation rentals usually offer more income, but involve greater dedication on the part of the owner. Does it compensate you? You can also consider contacting a temporary rental management company to do it for you, while you spend your time doing other things. Is it viable in your area? There are areas where the high season does not last long. The time that the property is empty is also taxe combining vacation rentals in summer and temporary rentals during the other months of the year.

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Where to invest in vacation rentals?

Not all places are suitable for investing in vacation rentals . You nee to know the market in the area to make sure that the work is worth it or, if you wish, you can contact a wealth advisor from Housfy Inversiones to advise you and help Armenia Phone Number List you maximize your benefits. The best areas of Spain  to rent on vacation According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Alicante is the province with the highest number of tourist homes , with 34,061 as of August 2022. It is followe by Málaga (35,060), the Balearic Islands (27,038), Las Palmas (22,209), Girona (20,298 ), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (18,726), Madrid (15,763) and Barcelona (14,807). The percentage of tourist apartments over the total number of homes is the highest in the Balearic Islands (4.61%) and in the Canary Islands (3.93%), where tourism forms the main economic model.

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