Housfy Inversión is born: a solution that makes

From Housfy, the first company that offers all services related to housing, we launched Housfy Inversión , a real estate investment service that allows you to make your savings profitable by investing in housing in an easy and safe way. Thus, our clients can now buy a home to rent with returns of between 4% and 12%. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HOUSFY INVESTMENT What is Housfy Investment? With Housfy Inversión , a new figure is born that professionalizes and standardizes the real estate investment process , with which we take charge of all investment management: exploration of opportunities, search and selection of homes. Our service offers investors of different profiles access to exclusive homes that they cannot normally access. In addition, they have all the necessary advice from a personal investment manager who is an expert .

The problem for investors: few tools to access real estate investment

Today, investors have few tools that facilitate access to housing investment,” says our CEO and founder, Albert Bosch. “This is because the user still does not know anyone to advise him or manage his investment. At Housfy Inversión, we want any investor to be able to invest in housing, easily and safely, to help them build wealth. Housfy closes a Series B financing round of 30 million UK WhatsApp Number Data euros Real estate investment as a refuge value Real estate investment in Spain is growing more and more, which confirms that the real estate sector is a safe haven that offers high profitability on a regular basis . “Investors are increasingly interested in investing in real estate, since it generally gives good results,” says Sergi López. “The big problem is that the investor does not have the time or the knowledge.

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How does Housfy Investment work?

If your intention is to buy an apartment to rent , we take care of all the investment management , so that you as an investor do not waste time with paperwork or travel. These are the benefits we provide with our investment service: Advice with an expert , to determine the Iceland WhatsApp Number List financial . Search for the best homes to invest in and subsequent validation, preparation of financial and legal reports. Mortgage and home purchase management. Management of comprehensive or partial renovation , decoration and furnishing. Rental of the home so that the investor begins to make the investment profitable. To do this, we use our own algorithms to find the best investment homes for each profile. We offer the service throughout Spain and we plan to sell 200 investment apartments in our first year. Although for now the majority of these

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