Historical record in rental prices

The rental price in Spain hits a ceiling. In January 2023 it has exceeded its historical highs before the pandemic, according. Discover which areas have started the year with records and why now is the time to rent an apartment if you are an owner. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORME FOR FREE Renting an apartment in Spain is more expensive than ever Spain has reached its historical highs in January 2023, with an average rental price oper month . This is stated by Idealista in a new price report. This shows that renting an apartment in Spain is now more expensive than ever. This record surpasses the previous historical maximum , when in September 2020 the rental price in Spain stood at €11.5/m2, just before the slowdown caused by the covid pandemic.

All-time highs in major cities

According to this report, the average rental price has exceeded historical highs in 17 provincial capitals , among which we find Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Girona, Málaga, Valencia and Palma. This has not been the case, however, in cities Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data like Madrid , an exception where the current has not yet exceeded its historical maximum in May 2020, when the rental price reached . Prior notice from the landlord to the tenant in the rental contract Barcelona, ​​capital with the most expensive rent The rental price in Barcelona also exceeds historical highs, which reaffirms the Catalan capital as the city with the most expensive rent in the entire state, with €19.8/m2 per month. This last year, Barcelona has experienced an annual variation of 25.3%, almost double that of Madrid’s 12.3%.

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Is it a good time to rent an apartment?

The reason? The low supply of apartments for rent, after the approval of the Catalan law regulating rental prices and the limits due to the increase in the CPI in 2023 . The cities that follow with the highest rental prices are: Madrid:  Donostia-San Sebastián: the provincial capital with Cameroon WhatsApp Number the lowest rental price is Zamora , followed by Ávila, Cáceres, Ciudad Real and Lugo ). As the interactive map shows, the province of Barcelona has also turned out to be the most expensive, even more. In turn, Catalonia is the region with the highest rental price. How much do real estate agencies charge rental commission? After the restrictive measures against rent increases, many owners who previously. But that has reduced the supply of apartments for rent . With increasing tenant demand, rental prices have increased accordingly.

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