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The Spanish real estate market has enjoyed a very positive situation in 2022, taking into account the context of inflation. From January to October, a total of 550,992 sales and purchases took place , far exceeding the figures of the previous year. Given this data, we will tell you when it will be a good time to invest in housing. Invest easily and safely Knowing finances to invest well is a thing of the past. GET INFORMED FOR FREE What time of year is best to invest in housing?  But, everything is knowledge. Knowing when is the best time to invest helps increase profits and the likelihood of obtaining the highest possible return. Therefore, below we review which times of the year are the best to invest in housing: Spring is the season with the most competition. Buyers thoroughly analyze the real estate market, which during these months is in constant movement. This season of the year is the ideal time to carry out major renovations.

Evolution of profitability in 2022: when will be a good time to invest in housing

As autumn falls , one of the best months to buy a home arrives: October. Furthermore, the number of new properties is growing, increasing the supply and offering a possible reduction in purchase prices. In winter , the market becomes complicated. The Japan Telegram Number Data Christmas holidays and the beginning of a new year make investment a complicated procedure. But it is not impossible, since the last homes that have not found a buyer may be willing to lower their prices. House prices in 2023: what is the forecast? There are various factors that have affected the real estate market in 2022, the most important being the consequences of the pandemic, the start of the new conflict between Russia and Ukraine and price inflation. Despite this, the profitability of buying a home to rent stood at 7.1% during the third quarter of the year. Although the figure has decreased slightly compared to the second quarter, by 7.2%, the value is still positive and exceeds that of a year ago. In 2022, profitability data has been very positive in different cities. Lleida (8.3%). Huelva (7.7%). Cuenca (7.4%). Santa Cruz de Tenerife (7.3%). Almeria (7.1%).

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When will be a good time to buy a home

If you are planning to buy to rent, the question you will probably be asking yourself most is when will be a good time to invest in a home? Looking at the real estate market scenario in 2022, it is not difficult to deduce that the coming months will be complicated. To make it easier, we summarize Mexico Telegram Number List in the following points what the housing price forecast will be in 2023 , as well as the real estate market in general: Although the situation will be marked by a moderate context, the price falls will not be drastic , trending downwards gently. Real estate demand could be reduced due to new rate increases, which would result in mortgage reductions . That said, the best trend to make a buy-to-let during 2023 will depend on your financial situation as an investor . If you need financing, it may also be your chance

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