Get the zero debt certificate to sell

To cancel the mortgage at the Property Registry, you will need the zero debt certificate . If you are thinking of selling an apartment , this procedure is necessary to leave the property free of charges. In our article, we explain how to request this document, how much it costs and what you can do if the bank takes a while to issue it. Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE Why do I need the 0 debt certificate? The zero debt certificate or economic debt cancellation certificate certifies that we have already finished paying our mortgage and, therefore, we no longer owe anything to our bank. This document is essential to carry out the registration cancellation of the mortgage when you finish paying your loan. How to get the zero debt certificate? Getting the zero debt certificate is easy. You just have to contact the bank that granted you the mortgage and ask them to issue it to you.

How much does the zero debt certificate cost?

The zero balance certificate is free . This is highlighted by the Bank of Spain, which reminds that the entity should not charge. The bank can only charge us the commissions and expenses related to the notarial and registration processing. In that case, you must also inform us in advance. Some banks, however, try to charge some commission Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data to the customer. If this is your case, ask why and see if you have the right to complain . How long does the zero debt certificate take? This process should not take long. In the best case, the bank will issue it immediately or within a few hours. If the mortgage was settled longer ago, the bank may delay a few days, but in no case should it be delayed without justification . The bank does not give me the zero debt certificate If your bank is taking more than a week to issue the 0 debt certificate, the process to follow is as follows: Request it from your manager by email.

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Zero debt certificate to sell a home

If you want to sell your house but have not yet canceled the mortgage in the Registry, it is mandatory to present the debt certificate 0 during the sale to certify that the home is free of encumbrances . If you have not yet finished finishing the mortgage and your intention is to settle the debt with the amount of the sale, instead you must request a certificate of outstanding debt from your bank. Steps to cancel the mortgage registry These are Belgium WhatsApp Number List the steps you must follow to register. This procedure is free. Go to the notary with the zero debt certificate to sign the public deed of the loan. You can decide if you take care of the notarial and registration procedures yourself or, if you request it from the entity, it may charge commissions, of which it must notify you.

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