GA4 FAQ most important questions and answers

Google Analytics 4 is Still New. Regardless of Whether You Are Already Using the New Version of the Tool or Are Planning to, You Certainly Have Many Questions About Its Functionality and Ways of Using It. That’s Why This Article Was Created! Here Are the Most Common Questions About Ga4 and Answers That Will Dispel Your Doubts .Since Google Analytics 4 Collects and Processes Information in a Slightly Different Way, Your Reports From Ga3 Will Not Be Transferred. You Will Have to Create Them by Collecting Data From Scratch.

Any Filters You Had Implemented in Universal Analytics Will Not Be Transferred to Ga4. If You Want to Exclude Internal Traffic, You Will Have to Do It Manually.

Basic information about Google Analytics

Google Announced That Universal Ws Number List Analytics Will Stop Collecting Data on July 1, 2023. You Will Be Able to Analyze Previously Collected Information for at Least 6 Months, but You Will Not Be Able to Analyze New Sessions. Even Though Google Hasn’t Given an Exact Expiration Date for the Tool Yet, You Should Export Your Data to the Cloud Now to Avoid Losing It. It is Also Worth Mentioning That It Was Possible to Run Google Analytics 4 More Efficiently. I Wrote About It in the Article About Automatic Service Creation for Ga4 .

Why is Universal Analytics being retired

The Way We Use Websites Has Phone Number BL Changed Significantly in Recent Times. In Response to Users’ Needs for More Detailed Traffic Analysis, Google Has Created a More Precise Measurement Ga4, You Can Analyze Not Only Data From Websites, but Also Mobile Applications, Which Gives You a More Complete Insight Into Audience Engagement. The New Version of the Tool is Also Based on Events, Not Sessions.Thanks to Which the Analysis Provides Even More Accurate Conclusions. The Advantages of Google Analytics 4 Can Be Listed Endlessly. This is Why Ga3 Will Be Withdrawn – Its Worthy Successor Has Been Created.

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