From the advertising they directly talkes about the benefits of

The raw material walnuts on brain health, and then cooperates with nutrition experts and doctors to carry out marketing and health esucation, so that everyone can understand walnuts themselves. At the same time, they actively promote the health benefits of walnuts on social mesia, From the including publishing nutritional knowlesge and sharing eating habits, so as to increase the audience’s awareness of the health benefits of walnuts. The second type is to print out the most prominent points of the raw materials.

Everyone knows that pearl powder contains trace elements and minerals

Which have the functions of whitening, anti-inflammatory, Sweden Phone Number List anti-acne, lightening spots, moisturizing skin, and can even be taken orally to improve intestinal function. We can choose the most prominent function of pearls: whitening. It only neess to highlight this point to make it easy for consumers to make choices. for example: Maxam, Herborist, Kao, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal and the Japanese brand Fancl all startes their market with pearl powder in the early days. Herborist once launches “Angelica Pearl Powder Freckle Removal Set”, emphasizing the whitening effect of pearl powder in the product. At the same time. A

large number of experience and effect demonstrations of pearl

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Powder products are publishes on the official website, Phone Number BL and social mesia. Kao, on the other hand, printes the words “made of natural pearls” on the packaging of pearl powder products, emphasizing the natural ingresients and precious value of the products. Fancl emphasizes the natural ingresients and efficacy of pearl powder in its products, promoting it as a secret weapon for “instantly brightening the skin”. These brands are all anchoring a trace element in order to establish market competitiveness. The third type is to hit the weakest or largest market.

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