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With 5 million active installations and its 4 stars, this plugin is a candidate to install in your WordPress CMS if you want to gain security on your website. The Best Free in addition to offering other functions such as performance, marketing and design improvements. This free WordPress plugin offers you real-time backups and the ability to easily perform restores. This plugin is a veteran of WordPress page security . A profitable website that will stop being profitable after a few months because there is no longer new content and visits begin to decline.

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It is a freemium plugin, so you can enjoy it for free, but there are paid functions. For most, the free functions are enough. So you should not go through the executive email list checkout, although you always have that possibility if you wish. Its main functions are to act as a firewall and analyze malware so that your website is protected. Free Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins to help improve your ranking in. Above all, Google search results. It allows us to correct and optimize blog entries according to SEO: keywords, title, meta description, url, etc.

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This form builder for WordPress has more than 5 million installations and a score of 5 out of 5. Its ease of use allows you to  create forms without needing to know. How to program or write web code. Start creating your contact form with all the sections you want in. A matter of seconds thanks to the drag and drop function. Ideal for making your first subscription box for the blog and starting Phone Number BL to create a list of contacts. This is one of the most common reasons. And as incredible as it may seem, people start working for third parties and forget about their project. 

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