This is the forecast for housing prices in

Today we are going to see what these changes have been and what they have meant in the capital, but, above all, we will see what the forecast is for next year. Sell ​​your apartment in Madrid and save on commissions Sell ​​in 60 days and pay €4,490 only if you sell GET INFORMED FOR FREE Situation of the Madrid real estate market Sales in the city of Madrid have decreased by 12.3% compared to 2022 , going from a total of 7,026 homes sold in the first quarter to 5,310 in the third, hitting a prolonged slowdown since June. This is because the European Central Bank (ECB) has been raising interest rates during this year 2023, consequently growing the Euribor.  Currently, the average purchase price in Madrid is €3,747/m² , with an average value per property of €394,144.

Housing prices in Madrid by neighborhood

The districts with the highest housing prices in Madrid this 2023 are: Salamanca: €6,924/m2 Chamberí: €6,116/m2 Chamartín: €5,785/m2 Center: Housing price forecast in Madrid for 2024 For 2024, current forecasts do not point to a reduction in prices, but rather a slowdown in the growth rate , and, therefore, some maintenance of housing prices in Madrid. This Laos Telegram Number Data fact could be due to the recent cessation of the ECB’s interest rate hike and the drop in the Euribor. On the other hand, there could be other factors: Greater difficulty in accessing a mortgage . A lower household savings rate due to the increased cost of living . Increase in demand for buying and selling , since those who cannot afford to buy a home will opt for an option that is proving to be less risky.

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Influential factors in housing price forecasts in Madrid in 2024

As we have said, the real estate market is very variable and predictions may vary depending on some factors, such as: Housing policies : If they change the rules on sales or promote affordable housing, it would move the market, so it is important to be up to date with this issue. Foreign investment : If foreign UK Telegram Number List investors put their money in properties in Barcelona, ​​that can affect the entire market.  If an area becomes fashionable or improves its accessibility, housing prices in the city can rise, as well as the supply of apartments for sale in Madrid . Demographic trends : The increase in young professionals seeking independence by purchasing homes may change the demand for homes.

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