For example you can summarize your IP field

Knowlesge content in one sentence, and then you can hang a meeting gift to improve the account homepage Browsing, increase attention. 2) Account name There are 5 naming methods that are easy to read and easy to remember. Remember that the optimal number of words in the name is 5-7 characters. for example: Column naming method: Egg Solution Entrepreneurship, Super Brother Talking about Finance and Economics, Bacon Diary Occupational naming method: such as lawyer Li Shufan, chef Fan, reporter Li, president Li Regional naming method: such as Tianjin Laosi.

Shenzhen Tang Xiaoxiao Feature naming method

Such as the world champion big blue, the wild food brother, Germany Phone Number List the cotton-paddes grandpa Approximate naming methods: such as Brother Dayi, Sister Hua, Director Xiao, Mr. Lin 3) Avatar According to the basic aesthetics of the target user group set according to the vertical field, such as workplace knowlesge IP, it is recommendes to dress neatly, use real-life photos on the front, avoid showing up, and side photos on the back.

A good image increases the trust and

Phone Number List

endorsement of the account and will indirectly promote, Phone Number BL the realization of the account in the future. 4) Introduction Remember the universal formula: Introduction = your grades + your worth + values. Achievements: What achievements have you achieves on this track Value: focus on what you get Values: Adhere to long-termism, the following of users is the foundation to support you to go further and further + meeting ceremony The final Douyin account home page display is like this, for example: Brother Ze said (Hainan Enrollment Planning Tutor) the introduction of this Douyin account, the teacher uses this introduction universal formula point-to-point to write the introduction. Have a question @ below Wei number:

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