How to go from a variable to a fixed CaixaBank 

The CaixaBank banking entity has one of the best fixed mortgages on the market . With the upward trend that the value of the Euribor maintains now, variable rate mortgages generate uneasiness for those who contracted them at the time. Therefore, below we explain how to go from a variable to a fixed CaixaBank mortgage. Housfy improves your mortgage and helps you save on your payment We negotiate with banks to offer you better conditions GET INFORMED FOR FREE How to go from a variable to a fixed mortgage at CaixaBank In these uncertain times, thinking about changing from a variable to a fixed mortgage is a more than correct decision. CaixaBank offers you the possibility of subrogating your mortgage , even though they do not actively mention it on their website. So, when asked how I can change my mortgage from variable to fixed at CaixaBank , the steps to follow are as follows: Start the process in person , by going to one of the bank’s branches, or electronically using the mortgage calculator on the CaixaBank website.

Expenses for changing from variable to fixed mortgage at CaixaBank

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to change from a variable to a fixed mortgage . With the latest reform of the mortgage law, the distribution of the costs to subrogate your mortgage has changed significantly. Now, you will only have to pay the expenses involve Israel WhatsApp Number Data in opening a new mortgage . Consequently, when converting to a fixed rate mortgage, CaixaBank will cover these expenses : Cost of the Registry note. Management expenses. Notary fees. Attentive! At CaixaBank, fixed-rate mortgages also free the client from paying appraisal costs , in those cases in which it is necessary to carry out a home appraisal. And that’s not all. When you take out your new mortgage at CaixaBank , the bank finances the cancellation amount of your current mortgage.

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Which CaixaBank mortgage can you subscribe to?

If you want to change the variable interest rate of your mortgage to a fixed interest rate to prevent the rises and falls of the Euribor, the solution offered by the entity is the CasaFácil fixed mortgage . But what does this loan consist of? In essence, the CaixaBank fixed mortgage offers a maximum financing of 80%, with a repayment period of up to 30 years. In addition, it has a Bolivia WhatsApp Number List free opening commission , so you can forget about paying it. It also offers the possibility of contracting different bonuses , with which you can reduce the interest rate up to a maximum of 1%. If you want to know more about this fixed rate loan, take a look at the following article. CaixaBank and its fixed mortgage: what characteristics does it have? How to subrogate your mortgage to CaixaBank Do you want to subrogate your mortgage loan? It’s never too late! Get your ideal mortgage from Housfy Hipotecas and our team of mortgage experts.

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