Fifth increase in ECB interest rates: they reach 

The European Central Bank (ECB) gives the green light to the fifth increase in interest rates in the eurozone. The president of the entity, Christine Lagarde, announced at the press conference on February 2 an increase of 0.5%, which places the price of the ECB euro at 3%. For their part, the United States Federal Reserve (FED) and the Bank of Englan. Remember that, at Housfy Mortgages, we can help you improve your. Contact us without obligation! Housfy improves your mortgage and helps you save on your payment We negotiate with banks to offer you better conditions. The ECB raises interest rates by half a point to 3% and reaffirms an upcoming 0.5% rise at its. ECB President Christine Lagarde maintains that “keeping interest rates at restrictive levels will reduce inflation over time, dampening demand.” Likewise, she assures that these measures will protect us “against the persistent risk of upward changes” in our inflation expectations.

2025 goal: stop inflation to 2%

Estimated inflation as of January 2023 is 8.5%, lower than the 9.2% in December, although still well above the 2% target. Spain is the country in the eurozone with the lowest inflation, with the CPI at an approximate average of 5.8%. Increases in central bank interest rates directly affect businesses and holders of variable mortgages, but also those people who are New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data thinking about applying for a. However, they are a common measure to combat. Christine Lagarde plans to achieve this goal by 2025. Breaking news: England also raises interest rates to 4% The Bank of England has announced a rise. Its interest rates now reach 4%, the highest figure since. Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has said it is too early to declare victory against inflation. “We have to be absolutely sure that we are passing the critical moment of inflation,” he proclaimed at the press conference this afternoon.

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The United States is already slowing down its increases

Just one day before the rise of the European Central Bank and that of England, the Federal Reserve System (FED) has increased its interest rates by 0.25%. This is the first interest increase in 2023 but the eighth since they stood at 0% in March 2022. This movement, however, already shows a clear slowdown in the process, although the FED warns that they will raise interest Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List rates in 2023 until inflation calms down. Jay Powell, president of the assured that there are signs of easing price pressure, although those in charge of monetary policy will “need substantially more evidence to be convinced that inflation is on the way down. Euribor in 2024: what is the forecast? How does this affect investors? The European Central Bank (ECB) encourages national banks in the eurozone to use these interest rates in their commercial transactions. Therefore, their chain reaction in the value of stocks and other assets.


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