Fall in rental prices in the Community of Madrid

Rental prices continue to rise both in Madrid and in Spain across the board. However, in February 2023, more than a dozen municipalities lowered the average price of renting an apartment in Madrid . We review which areas have had a drop in rental prices in the Community of Madrid. Rent your apartment in Madrid and forget about worries!! Stopping collecting rent is a thing of the past. GET INFORMED FOR FREE The fall in rental prices in the Community of Madrid At a general level, the price of renting a home in Spain continues to record new figures, and they are increasingly higher. But, there are always places that record the opposite. According to the latest idealista rental price report, in February there was a drop in rental prices in some areas of the Community of Madrid. In the capital, the price per square meter of rent rose. This is a figure that has increased by 0.6% compared to the previous month. If we talk about the evolution compared to February of last year, the percentage shoots up to 9.7%.

Villanueva del Pardillo, San Sebastián de los Reyes and Parla

The main protagonist was Villanueva del Pardillo , with a reduction in the average price of 6.2% , which left the value per square meter at €10.1/m2. In second place, we find San Sebastián de los Reyes , which ended February with a 2.8% decrease in rent, despite having a price per square Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data meter of , slightly higher than its leader. Therefore, if you are thinking of renting an apartment in San Sebastian de los Reyes as an owner, you must take this reduction into account. Parla is the municipality that closes the podium, with a 2.4% decrease in the amount of monthly rent. At the same time, it registers an average price per square meter of €9.3/m2. Fourth place goes to Tres Cantos , with a more moderate price reduction of 1.8% . The approximate price per square meter . Below, we leave you a table with the data of those municipalities in which the average rental price was reduced in Municipality.

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Rental prices in Madrid and Spain continue to rise

In Spain, the rental price limit does not seem to reach. February saw the price increase by 0.4% compared to the previous month, according to idealista’s latest price report. Thus, the average national rent per square meter is currently €11.7/m2. During the last quarter, the price evolution Argentina WhatsApp Number List positive and has grown by 3.4%. Regarding the evolution compared to February 2022, the national average registers an increase of 8.7%. The current figure becomes the historical maximum rental price recorded in recent years. This is how to deduct rent in Madrid if you are a landlord Wherever you are, we manage your rental Don’t let the drop in rent in Madrid stop you from wanting to rent your apartment in the capital. The profits you will generate will continue to be high. At Housfy Rental we will make sure that this is the case, whether you want to rent in Parla or enjoy our rental management in Tres Cantos . To start, we offer you a profitability calculator , so you can estimate how much you would earn per month for your rental.

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