Everything you need to know about the BBVA 

The BBVA Fixed Mortgage is one of the best options on the mortgage market. It has a lower interest rate than what we can find in other entities. In addition, BBVA’s fixed-interest mortgage allows maximum financing of 80% of the appraised value. If you are thinking about applying for a fixed rate mortgage , pay attention to this option! Find the best fixed mortgage for you We negotiate your fixed rate mortgage between more than 20 banks.  BBVA and fixed mortgage are two concepts that are effectively related to offer offers with very advantageous conditions.  commenting on what they are, you should know that BBVA does not have an opening fee, but it does have a fee for total or partial early repayment of the 2% fixed mortgage . Recommended reading: Pros and cons of the mixed mortgage

What is the interest of the BBVA Fixed Mortgage?

The interest on the fixed mortgage at BBVA varies depending on the repayment period you choose. The interest rates available are as follows: At 15 years, 2.8% TIN.  As indicated on their website, during the first 6 months a 1% bonus Cambodia Telegram Number Data is applied to the TIN . To maintain the interest rates on the BBVA fixed mortgage without a bonus, you must domiciliate your payroll or pension and take out home insurance and payment protection with the bank. How much money can you get with this mortgage loan? As reflected on the  of the financing if it is your primary home. If it is a secon home, the money you can get will be reduce to 70%.

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What term does this fixed mortgage have?

The maximum term to repay the BBVA fixed rate mortgage is 30 years. But you must keep in mind that if the age of the youngest holder and the term of the mortgage you choose add up to more than 70 years, you will not be able to access the loan. For example , if you are 50 years old, the China Telegram Number List term will have a maximum of 20 years.  We show you the two options that they indicate on their website: BBVA Efficient House Mortgage. Designed for homes with Consumption Letter type A or B in the Energy Efficiency Certificate. MUFACE BBVA Fixed Mortgage. Fixed interest mortgage designed for public employees.

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