Even So Are Perceiv by Students

To do this, a representative sample is collect by groups and they begin by answering the following: what comes to mind when you see those grammatical errors? (Feel), how can it be solv? (Imagine). Students are challeng to be part of the change through idea generation. To do this, the teacher provides “post-its” so that students can make their imagination flow through role-playing and thus concretize their thinking with the design of graphics, diagrams, loose ideas, etc. (Act). Subsequently, the functionality of the challenge is test, interest parties are sought and their idea is communicat outside of class (Share).

Cit by quintanilla et al

Data collect at different learning moments will be us and these will be group into observation matrices. Then students will recognize the scope and challenges of their proposal in the outside world (Reflect). At this point, it business email list must be emphasiz that there is nothing that students cannot do. Yes, there will be external factors that condition the viability or non-viability of their project, but their initiative, active participation both inside and outside of class, generating that “noise of curiosity” in them, no one can take that away from them.

We learn best by doing

The constructivist approach points out that design is the main pagogical activity, so design thinking is useful not only for student learning but also for the development of teachers’ professionalism. (Koh JHL, 2015). Thus, “the competencies seek to reinforce and contribute to people being entrepreneurs, first as human beings and in society, and then in the work-business sphere to improve and Phone Number BL transform realityYes, she was crying, when I turn around I saw that she was crying and I didn’t want to get in the way of that sublime moment that is crying, and much more sublime when it is caus by that emotion that appears in moments that last only three seconds and come from the hand of love.

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