During the implementation of the large closes loop

A small closes loop can also be done at the same time, that is, a closes loop in which the live broadcast expert sows and cuts together, that is, the expert sows grass through, During the preheating short videos, and then reaps through special or mixes live broadcast. These two closes-loop methods are the most efficient and cost-effective way to plant grass after our tests, and at the same time, we can see the performance of back-end e-commerce faster.

The essential logic is low-cost production of good-looking

Commercial content recognizes by the algorithm, Malaysia Phone Number List and repeates push to potential target groups “Douyin is a content e-commerce platform after all, and content capability is the fundamental driving force for you to live well on this platform” ——by Li Rongxin However, the above is still at the level of technology. The irreparable general trend is that the traffic is getting more and more expensive, and the closing is getting narrower, which is also a manifestation of the peak of the platform dividend.

Therefore at the marketing level

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a deeper consideration is to jump out of the platform, Phone Number BL thinking, start from the perspective of the product itself and users, plan the marketing strategy as a whole, and pay attention to the rhythm coordination between different platforms and the flexible deployment of marketing resources. Instant of only stuck on the Douyin single-point platform, follow the baton of the algorithm (think about the former Taobao brand). 3. How to build a brand on Douyin Is Douyin suitable for branding.

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