Don’t make these 4 mistakes in your income

If you want to avoid any type of penalty  in mind . Likewise, if you are thinking about renting your own apartment soon  possible if you anticipate these four scenarios. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay.  Do not include your second home The biggest mistake in the  property would be not including it in it. Especially because, if it is a rental of a habitual residence,  counts for the calculation of personal income tax. Deduct all rental expenses , such as repairs, community expenses, home insurance and even taxes and fees. Even if your home is not rente don’t forget to include it in your declaration.

Not carrying out energy efficiency works on time

For this year you may no longer have Don’t make these  time, carrying out works to improve the energy efficiency of your apartment several tax benefits. Improvement works that reduce heating and cooling demand by 7% . You can deduct 20% of the work on Kuwait Phone Number Data a maximum of €5,000. Improvement works that reduce the consumption of non-renewable primary energy (i.e. fossil fuels) by 30% . Thus, you can deduct 40% of a maximum of €7,500. Works to improve the energy efficiency of complete buildings for residential use by 50% or if the rating is A or B. The deduction in this case is 60% for all owners of the community and up to a maximum of €5,000 year. Attentive! If you have the apartment rented, it is required that it be the tenant’s habitual residence. Therefore, temporary or vacation rentals do not count.

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Not filing the declaration because it does not reach the minimum

This year, if you do not reach €22,000 gross Don’t make these income (if it comes from a single payer) or €15,000 (from more than one payer) you are exempt from filing your income tax return . The Treasury is not going to penalize you for it. Now, when you are not obligated, filing your income tax return Belize Phone Number List is the most advisable thing to do in order to obtain a refund of all withholdings for the year . What’s new when paying rent in Madrid in 2023 I have made mistakes in the 2023 tax return with my rental apartment: what do I do? It is possible to correct the tax return on your rental property and, in fact, it is advisable to do it yourself before the Treasury notices and demands it from you.

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