Do you have to declare the rent with Bizum?

It is time to justify your income to the Treasury in the income tax return this 2023 and it is vitally important to know all the income that is taxe to avoi penalties. Therefore, in this article we teach you when to declare the ren. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORME FOR FREE When should Bizum be declare? Bizum is an application designe for small amount payments. For this reason, and in general, if you obtain low amounts with Bizum, you will not have to declare anything . Now, there are some cases in which, according to the General Tax Law , you must declare. If you obtain income that has to do with activities that generate profitability.

How to declare a Bizum in the income tax return?

When renting an apartment , you must declare your rental income if you collect it through Bizum, the same as if you collected it through other means. The steps to declare your rental through Bizum in your income tax return are as follows:  of Real Estate of your income tax return. If your annual income exceeds Denmark WhatsApp Number Data your bank will surely add it to your tax data report to file your income tax return. If not, you can access your bank’s app. To declare the rent in income, calculate the net return it has generated during the year. Remember that, if your apartment is rented as a habitual residence. CPI forecast for 2023: will rental prices go up?

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Maximize the profitability of your rental apartment

If you own an apartment , you will be interested to know that it is now possible to rent your apartment online and safely. This is thanks to the emergence of digital real estate agencies , which have optimized the rental process to make it easier for you. If you are an entrepreneur or are Australia WhatsApp Number List registered as self-employed , you must declare any amount received. Therefore, since your lease produces an annual return , if during 2022 you collected your rent through Bizum, you must declare it to the Treasury in the income in 2023. At Housfy Rental , we make the visits and analyze the solvency of the interested parties. We also take care of all the paperwork and changing supplies.

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