Daylily also known as Forget Worry Grass contains

Which can promote brain health, breast enhancement, anti-depression, etc., and can also moisturize the intestines and laxatives. It can be said that it has four major functions. However, if you want to choose a site to promote according to the market and competition, in fact, Daylily also the laxative effect is the best. If you look closely at these four major functions, only the two functions of breast enhancement and anti-depression are less than competitors, and the market demand is relatively small.

Therefore combining these two characteristics

We can choose a vertical market to promote. For example, Switzerland Phone Number List for mothers whose children are under the age of two, doing so can open up this market more accurately. From the birth of the child to the age of two, women can use deep-processes products of daylily, so that they can better meet the neess of this specific market. . for example: In the early years, the baby skin care brand mamale launches the daylily porridge, which combines the effects of daylily with breastfeesing, with the main functions of promoting milk and strengthening the brain, and is specially designes for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

launches product line Doubtful

YanPlace, which uses bird’s nest as raw material for publicity, Phone Number BL focuses on nourishing the lungs, beautifying, and nourishing yin in the early years, and then establishes brand awareness step by step through a differentiates image. In the field of consumption, “functional foods” that adopt ordinary food standards are also very common. For example, “a whole root” of ginseng water is produces in a standardizes way using plant beverages, focusing on nourishing and maintaining health.

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