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Easier said than done. Right? But there are a few easy things you can do. To harness your confidence. And manifest some self-belief. 1. Don’t self-deprecate: by using statements or language that downplay your qualities and achievements. You may feel you are making yourself more likeable and charming. However. You are in fact giving yourself a negative self-evaluation. So i ask you to consider two questions: do you believe that being self-deprecating leaves the impression you desire with those you are conversing with? And. What impact do you feel. Minimising your feelings. Accomplishments and qualities are having on yourself? “once you embrace your value. Talents and strengths it neutralizes when others think less of you.” rob liano 2. Mind your language!: the power of words.

You will typically have access to this if your store is on shoptify

How to segment email audiences here are some useful characteristics you can use to segment your email audiences: recent purchasers purchasers of certain product types seasonal purchasers cart abandoners high-value purchasers lapse purchasers newsletter subscribers e-commerce account holders email best practices and here are some best practices for deploying email in an omnichannel strategy: segment your customers base on data. Identify the stages of the customer journey where email is most effective. Identify the types of messaging that can be use in emails at these various stages special data setup means you leverage the platform your online store is hoste on to integrate your product information with your merchant center. You will typically have access to this if your store is on shopify. Bigcommerce. Or magento. Simply follow your platform’s instructions to make this happen. Manual set-up requires you to enter all your product data through a file such as a spreadsheet. 

Following your intuition will keep you on your path

How are we training marketers? Because marketers should be driving a lot of this to lead change this transformation.” empowering your internal talent with access to relevant training. Certifications. And marketing courses will essentially bring your digital transformation efforts to life. Arme with access to flexible lifelong learning opportunities. Your internal talent can continually upskill themselves and meet the demands of a constantly shifting digital landscape. In doing so. You will enjoy a healthy return on investment (roi) from your digital marketing transformation efforts while ensuring your brand remains robust and adaptable at all times. “expertise is the most important Phone Number BL factor in a company’s ability to successfully implement digital change and we must also consider technology

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