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Are you an owner and do you have an apartment for rent? This interests you. When renting an apartment, one of the scenarios that can occur is that the tenant wants to sublet the rooms that he is not using to other people. This cannot be done without consent to sublease the apartment from the owner . We tell you how it is possible, the risks involve and everything you need to know before giving your consent. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORME FOR FREE When is it legal to sublease an apartment? For the subletting to be legal, you as the owner must give the tenant consent in writing. Otherwise, we would talk about transfer. The sublease cannot have a price higher than the main rent. Therefore, it cannot be profitable. The characteristics of the sublease, such as the duration, are subordinate to the original rental contract .

Am I interested in giving consent to sublease my apartment as the owner?

Generally, rental contracts already have a clause prohibiting subletting and remembering that non-consensual subletting or transfer may be cause for full termination of the contract , based on article 27 of the LAU. Why is this? Well, because the owners usually do not want to take Belgium Telegram Number Data risks: having a third person (or several) can increase the risk of the rental , in terms of deterioration of the furniture or payments, when part of the money depends on the subtenant. Now, imagine that your tenant, for whatever reason, must take in his new partner, a cousin or a friend, and he tells you. In that case, you should consider whether it is better to authoriz.

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Authorization to sublease an apartment

If we decide to allow the sublease to our tenant, it is best to ask the details of the person to whom we want to sublease a room and add it to the original rental contract in an annex . This way, you ensure a direct link with the only subtenant. On the other hand, if you give consent to sublease the apartment in general through a letter of authorization and without specifying Brazil Telegram Number List to whom, there will be the possibility of unknown people entering and leaving your home and over which you will not have as much control. Name of the new tenant DNI or official documentation Home  the same responsibilities as the first tenant in relation to the original contract Specifications on permanence, notification periods.

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