Competitive means of marketing

while another is only interest in what the product does to the skin. rather than where the product is made. What kind of video for which phase of the MRACE® model? Different lengths of videos with different contents are therefore ne for different stages of the purchase path. However. there are opportunities to use a similar video in several stages. for example by cutting it to different lengths. Reach phase the awareness creation phase aim at reaching customers and attracting attention.

Information search phase

Act phase the. where the customer is perhaps aware of problems business database and nes. but not necessarily of your product or solution. Convert phase finalization phase where the customer is guid to make a final decision. Engage phase engagement phase where the customer is help to get the most out of the product or service they have purchas. I’ll throw in an example of what I mean. In the Act phase. the person on the purchase path is looking for more information about the product or service.

Telling about the excellence

 Instead of of the company or service at the top of the message. Marketing communication Phone Number BL alone does not make your product better. but you get an advantage when you tell your customers about your product in an attractive way – and in a way that your competitors haven.t caught on to. Watch or listen to the podcast. How to stand out in the market.

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