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By analogy, it can be said that a marketing communication campaign is a link between a company or organization and society. Internal and external communication campaign Today, the internal communication campaign is more pressing than ever. If all your employees meet in the office every day, then perhaps you don’t nee to explain to them what the company’s work culture is like. What if some or most of them work remotely! Then the internal one, focuse on employees, is the key to keeping the team as a coherent whole. 60 percent companies do not yet have appropriate systems and tools for communication with employees Workforce data.

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An the benefits can be measurable. At the most abstract level, employee engagement and identification with the company increases. Translating this into practical matters, knowlegeable and engage employees open emails from their bosses more often whatsapp mobile number list and are more committe to their tasks. According to Meium, only 13 percent. employees use their company’s internal communication systems on a daily basis. They are often outdate or not very intuitive. Modern tools like Asana, Trello or Wrike are slowly changing this reality. Some companies are investing in their own customize software.

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We recommend Marketing communication goals – what they are and how to adapt them to the company’s nees An internal communication campaign can consist of concepts and tools. The concept is an identifie target group, message as Phone Number BL well as an action plan. Tools are, for example, applications or systems that facilitate communication within the team. Communication campaign planning The conceptual and implementation process may differ slightly between companies or industries. In general, however, it always starts with the design phase. It may include a marketing audit and research.

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