Christine Lagarde confirms that the interest

The interest rates that marked the European economy 2 years ago seem to be further away than ever. This was stated by the president of the ECB in her last interview, where she also insisted that inflation continues to be “too high” . Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past. GET INFORMED FOR FREE New increases in the current interest rate The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, confirmed this Thursday that interest rates will continue to rise in order to stabilize prices in the eurozone. Thus, the statements of the French politician in an interview on Antena 3 put those who have contracted a variable mortgage in the spotlight. With the aim of reducing inflation to 2% , Lagarde has confirmed that interest rates will continue to rise throughout the year.

The interest rates of two or three years ago will not return

When asked how the economic situation in Europe will evolve, Lagarde has not hesitated to affirm that interest rates will not return to the values ​​seen 2, 3 or 4 years ago. “The situation has changed,” the president confirmed. And, with the remnants of the global pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European economic situation over the France WhatsApp Number Data last year has caused inflation to continue its upward trend. For this reason, Lagarde explaine.” For now, the long-term objective on the table is for inflation to return to 2% in 2025. Lagarde has been optimistic about this projection, stating. What will happen in the future with interest rates? The concern of many is how long interest rates will continue to rise.

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The rise of the Euribor and its effect on mortgages

Another of the most important aspects that Lagarde discussed in her interview was mortgages and their price increase as a result of the increase in the Euribor . Taking into account that interest rates will continue  Austria WhatsApp Number List to be high, the reference index for most variable mortgages in Spain will follow a similar trend. An uncertainty that the president of the ECB wanted to calm by explaining that these will not always be high. “Once we stabilize the situation, that inflation returns to that 2%. As for the Euribor, it closed last February at 3.5% and is increasingly closer. “We know it is hard, but there are Spanish banks open to renegotiating the


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