Change in conditions of the BBVA variable mortgage

BBVA offers a variable mortgage with up to 1% bonuses on the TIN. But the Euribor has been declining for a few days and the forecasts on this reference index are not conclusive. Has the time come for a change in the conditions of the BBVA variable mortgage ? We show you all the ways to achieve it. Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past.  These are the conditions of the BBVA variable mortgage The BBVA variable rate mortgage right now has a variable  The first year you will enjoy a 1.49% TIN , without the Euribor influencing anything. From the second year and until the end of the loan. Among the conditions offered by BBVA when contracting.

If the Euribor drops, can I request a change in the conditions?

With the banking crisis after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the absorption of Credit Suisse, the Euribor has been destabilized and, on March 22, registered a daily rate of 3.468%. The decline is still not stable enough to confirm whether it will give a break to mortgage holders. If you need to reconsider the conditions you have with BBVA, you can request. Although it may cost you depending on Qatar Phone Number Data the commission that appears in your contract, carrying out a novation can bring significant changes: Capital increase . Extension of the loan repayment period . Modification of the variable interest rate of your mortgage. Review of amortization commissions . We recommend that you use a mortgage simulator to know the price of your installments and assess how much you could improve your mortgage after the novation.

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Mortgage with personalized conditions: professional groups

If you belong to a specific professional group, it is interesting to let BBVA know because the entity may consider offering you personalized conditions. Examples of groups with advantageous conditions are officials of some Public Administration or health professionals (doctors and health workers). Recommended reading: How much does it cost to change a mortgage from Cayman Islands Phone Number List one bank to another? Other options to improve your mortgage One possibility, currently very widespread, is to subrogate your mortgage , that is, change your mortgage from your bank to another that offers you better conditions. Before doing so, you can check the offer yourself today in our mortgage comparator and, if there is one that interests you, you can request more information about it. Whether you want to apply for a new mortgage or need to improve the conditions of your current loan.

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