Can the tenant demand that you lower

Lately we have heard about the CPI increase in rent in 2023. And inflation has brought us such numbers that the Government has had to limit rent increases to 2% during 2023. But what would happen if we found ourselves with a negative CPI ? Should I lower my tenant’s rent? In this article, we detail all the assumptions. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay.  According to the Urban Leases Law (LAU), three situations can occur depending on the nature of our contract: Sometimes people rent your apartment quickly and do not pay attention to the wording of the contract. If there is a clause about the update, but the reference index is not specified.

Update the income with a negative CPI for the rent

If you and your tenant have agreed to update the rents with the CPI, in the event that this is negative, the tenant can demand a reduction in the rent corresponding to the reduction in this index. These are the requirements to lower the rent with a negative CPI: Rents can only be update upon USA WhatsApp Number Data completion of each year of validity of the contract . You must notify one month in advance and in writing. The CPI from two previous months will be taken . As an example, if your contract turns one year old on on February 1 and, therefore, the value of the will be take. Example to calculate the rent reduction  must be applied to know how much the discount will be is the following:  rent would therefore be €985 per month.

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Update the income with the Competitiveness

If your contract does not include which index must be take as a reference, the LAU establishes that this must be the Competitiveness Guarantee Index (IGC), calculate itself by the INE. But pay attention, because in this case there are limitations : “When the rate of variation of this index is below 0%, this value will be take as a reference, which would equivalent to the India WhatsApp Number List  application of the non-revision rule . In the Housfy guide we explain all the characteristics of the  it in the rent of your apartment. In which years was the CPI negative? According to the INE’s historical record of the CPI, the following periods: In 2020 , in the midst of the Covid pandemic. The last time the CPI had been negative was from.

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