Calculate personal income tax in for selling

The income campaign for the 2022 financial year begins. Have you sold a property in 2022? Perhaps you are planning to sell an apartment now and want to know more or less how.  We tell you how to calculate personal income tax this 2023 for selling your apartment in don’t get any surprises. Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE Calculate personal income tax when selling an apartment: taxes in 2023 If during  gains with it . That is, if you sold it for more than you bought it. Regarding this capital gain, this year the scale of taxes includes these percentages for the calculation of personal income tax The sections are applie progressively.

Example of calculating personal income tax for the sale of a home

We know it can be confusing, but we are here to make it a little easier . Let’s take a simplifie example. You bought a property years ago for and now you have sold it for. To calculate personal income tax, you must follow these two steps: 1. Calculate the capital gain Calculate what  from the price for which you bought Lebanon Phone Number Data the property. In our case, the capital gain is2. Apply the tax rate on capital gains Now we have to go back to the table from before and detect what type of tax we are committe to . Let us remember that the sections are progressive. Therefore, since our capital gain was , two percentages are applie to us: 19% for the firsT and 21% for the rest . In conclusion, in our case we will have to pay to the Treasury in the income tax return. Remember that, in addition to personal income tax, you must pay the municipal capital gain within one month of the sale of your apartment. Learn how to calculate this tax in the following article.

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I need help with my properties

Now you know how to calculate personal income tax in 2023 for selling your apartment, but you may nee a cable with other procedures relate to your assets . There are asset management companies that take care of everything relate to your properties. At Housfy Compra-Sale , we Bolivia Phone Number List sell faster and more efficiently than average and we help you with everything that comes with it. You will have personalize attention from our real estate experts and you will be able to track your operations in your private area in MyHousfy. As the table shows, among the new features of personal income tax this 2023 , a new section is adde for those sales whose capital gain is between and the percentages are increase for those and profits that exceed €300,000. You have more information in our recommende article.

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