Santander BBVA and CaixaBank raise the

Banks such as Santander , BBVA and CaixaBank raise their fixe interest rates during a year of fluctuations in the economy. These increases go hand in to contain inflation in the eurozone. Compare the interest rates of the country’s main banks on their fixe rate mortgages in this article. Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE Current fixe mortgage interest ratesFixe mortgage from Banco Santander : NIR  BBVA fixe mortgage  Do not confuse the. Although the nominal interest rate is an indication of the  we must look at the APR when comparing the offers of various banks: this tells us how much it wil.

Interest rates a year ago

The National Statistics Institute (INE) collects data on the average interest rate of all mortgages establishe in Spain each month. A year ago, in March 2022, it was recorde that an average mortgage in Spain New Zealand Phone Number Data a fixe interest rate of 2.53% . Of the three banks,  the most pronounce increases , with an increase of 80% on the APR. This is state by the general newspaper of Caixa Bank, BBVA and Santander together at 75%. Even so, current when the INE recorde an average fixe interest rate of 6.74% in March 2009. What is this about? The interests set by banks in Spain are conditione by the price that the European Central Bank (ECB) places on our money.

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How to find a good mortgage?

After six consecutive increases  must currently pay 3.5% for the money they borrow from the ECB and, consequently, make the fixed interest rate on their mortgages more expensive. In parallel, the Euribor  rise to almost 4% this March, which a full impact on variable Cambodia Phone Number List mortgages on the market. As people do not want to take out variable rate mortgages due to the uncertainty about this reference index,  which also see their interests increased accordingly. New ECB interest rate hike: the price of the euro rises to 3.5% Although the data seems hopeless, there is still an opportunity to obtain financing or improve your current mortgage . One option that is on the table is to contact a mortgage broker, who  great knowledge about the current mortgage market and knows how.

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