Buying a house on the beach: top areas in 2023

Are you thinking about buying a  your summer home according to your profile. These are the best places to do it in 2023. Get your ideal home Find apartments and houses for sale in your city  a multiverse. We can find everything from the most expensive mansions along the Costa del and tradition in Granada or Almería. Marbella, center of opulence in Spain Some of the most expensive beach houses in Spain lie in Marbella . With an average of according to the real estate portal RealAdvisor, Marbella is established as a center of luxury, culture and nature. The mansions range from €450,000 , in San Pedro de Alcántara and Elviria-Cabopino, at the ends of the city, to €8,300,000 , the most coveted, in Nagüeles. You don’t have to live on the Golden Mile to enjoy  the Costa del Sol. You will discover houses for an average just 30 km from Marbella.

Almería and Granada, quieter and more affordable

Buying a house on the beach is cheaper in the provinces.   Anyone who wants to choose Níjar as their summer Korea Phone Number Data  town will spend an average of €150,000 on the purchase of their house and will be able to choose between its 25 population centers. The houses on the coast of Granada show more disparate prices. The town of Albuñol has less visited beaches, even lonely, and these types of properties are around. The province of  the country, where the sale of private apartments is common as an investment. In Malaga city, the average is €595,000. Panoramic view of the Andalusian town of Níjar , Almería, just 20 km from the beach.

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Murcia: 250 km from Costa Cálida to choose from

The range of activities is endless: scuba diving in the Cabo de Palos marine reserve , canoeing in San Pedro del Pinatar or windsurfing in Puerto de Mazarrón . There are as many places to buy a house in Murcia as you want. . Prices for houses are on average €170,000 throughout the municipality, according to RealAdvisor. If what you are looking for is to buy Belgium Phone Number List a house on the beach with a pool included. In the more thanthere are them of all sizes, colors and shapes, and for an average price of €175,000. The Manga del Mar Menor is famous , a privileged area that extends between the towns of Cartagena (€487,000) and San Javier (€350,000). With water on both sides,  your summer holidays in your new beach house. Aerial view of La Manga del Mar Menor , Murcia. Valencia, with the highest returns.

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