Buyer in Madrid: the key to selling quickly

Days seem like months when it comes to waiting for your apartment to sell. And the thing is, who doesn’t dream of selling a flat in Madrid in the shortest possible time? Pay attention, because there is a possibility: iBuyers in Madrid are here to stay. Have you not sold your home yet? Don’t worry, we help you sell it at the best price and in 60 days I’M INTERESTED What does the figure of an iBuyer in Spain consist of? The simplest way to define the figure of the iBuyer is the term instant buyer . In essence, an iBuyer is that company, real estate agency or individual that is dedicated to buying homes instantly . Once they acquire said property in cash and without intermediaries, they renovate it and put it up for sale again. Think about it. You find the apartment of your dreams in the center of Madrid and you want to buy it as soon as possible, but there is a problem: you need to sell your current home to obtain financing.

When is it appropriate to sell an apartment to an iBuyer in Madrid?

The simplest answer is when you need financing quickly and easily . After all, selling your house to an iBuyer can be a process that takes an average of 7 days. However, it must be taken into account that instant buyers buy homes at a lower than market price . The main objective is to be able to South Africa Phone Number Data obtain a profit, which they achieve by renovating the home and selling it for a higher price. This type of sale may not benefit you if you are looking for a certain amount of financing and you see that selling your apartment for cash will not meet what you need. In that case, the best option would be to consult an online real estate agency in Madrid . Thus, you will be able to sell your apartment faster than in a traditional agency and at a more competitive price . How much is my house worth? Carry out a free online valuation of your home in a few minutes RATE FREE HOUSING Pros and cons of iBuyers in Madrid The option of selling your apartment to an iBuyer in the capital is very attractive .

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Disadvantages of selling in Madrid to an iBuyer

The purchase price is lower than the market price. The profits obtained will be less than if you sold conventionally through a real estate agency. The requirements for purchasing a home are very specific. How can I sell my house in Madrid to an iBuyer? You may be thinking, can I sell my Czech Republic Phone Number List house to an iBuyer that easily? Well yes! And best of all, no small print. The steps to follow are those: Contact . Get in touch with an iBuyer, either by phone, contact form or email. Initial offer. The iBuyer will respond to you with an initial offer in less than 48 hours. Accept or deny. If you accept the offer, a real estate professional will perform an in-person inspection of the property. Final offer. Given a definitive agreement, the purchase and sale commitment is signed.


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